How to capture sun stars in your photos

If you’re a photographer who shoots sunrise or sunset then you have probably noticed when the sun is going down or just after it has risen that it can create pretty little sun stars if it is being partially blocked by something. This can add an extra element or added interest to your landscape photos. […]

The truth about tourism work

Two years ago I did Marie Forleo’s B-School and the first activity that we had to complete before starting the course was to find out what our passion was. The whole course was learning how to build  a career from your passion, so it was naturally the first thing you had to work out. I […]

How to back up your photos in Lightroom

So you know Im always going on about how important it is to back up your photos. All those precious snaps of family holidays, weddings, babies, special events or if you are a professional photographer, you don’t want to lose all the years worth of work that you have done simply from not backing up […]

How I create a photo video with iphoto

It’s been six months since our USA/Canada trip so I thought it was high time I got a little video done. This a tradition of mine whenever I go on a trip. I like to create a video with photos and music because its so nice to look back at your trip and remember the […]

What camera should I buy?

What camera should I buy? I get asked this question more than any other question! So I think its time I answered it. With so many brands and different types of cameras on the market these days it can be really confusing to make the right decision. My first answer is: a camera that you […]